Texts and publications

Text and publications

  • Invented Paintings, Paintings of the Mind By Ricardo Resende
    […] in the early 1960s, when, once a week, he went to our house to give us painting classes, he invents! “, he repeated, when, in […]
  • Anti-Conformist Party By Juliana Monachesi
      Ambiguity is the name of the game here. The artist Éder Roolt carries in the inks to put in check cultural notions of real and […]
  • Contemporary Art Exhibition of Piracicaba
    Éder Roolt appropriates photographic images from various sources and takes them as reference taking the liberty of modifying them. They are paintings that make you think. […]
  • The Curiosity
    Curiosity is inherited in childhood and maintained by irresponsible to insist on being artists. A curiosidade é herdada na infância e mantida por irresponsáveis que insistem em serem artistas. […]
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